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Robot Cleaning Helper

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A Robot Cleaner Ball Made Out Of Soft Microfiber

This automatic vacuum robot is the cutest and fluffiest thing you would like to clean your house

You won't believe your eyes as this rolling cleaning ball will get your counter-tops, tables, floor, and every inch of your house clean. .

Made of soft microfibers and an embedded sophisticated piece of technology that lets this rolling vacuum ball attracts and absorbed dust and dirt.

Get this cutey yet helpful tool now!



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Robot Cleaning Helper

Model Number: New
Usage: Home
Dustpan Material: Aluminum
Broomstick Material: Plastic
Broom Head Material: Fiber
Type: Hand Brush and Dustpan
Item Type: Mocoro Mini sweeping robot Ball
Rated power: 2.5 (W)
Power (W): <500
Voltage (V): 1.5v
Batteries: AA Batteries*2 (Not included)

Was: $49.95

Now: $19.95

Innovative Automatic Rolling Ball Vacuum Cleaner Mocoro Mini Sweeping ball Microfiber Robotic Mop Automatic Floor cleaner DQ cleaning

Robot Cleaning Helper